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Summer Camps Registration

Previous employment with the Department of Sport and Recreation will not guarantee future employment. Please note that a Cover Letter MUST be attached to this application in order for your application to be considered. Select the post/role titles to view complete job description. Applications deadline: March 22nd, 2024.


NOTE: Valid CPR, FIRST AID and SCARS certification is a requirement for employment. A copy of the CPR, FIRST AID and SCARS certification must be presented with the application form.

Please list here any additional courses, workshops etc., undertaken in the last five (5) years that are relevant to the position applied for – in particular: sport, recreation, swimming/lifeguard, computers, first aid, arts and craft, physical education and games, child care/development, dance, etc.

Provide TWO references, NOT relatives, employers or members of the legislature – whom have known you for at least, the last three (3) years, and WHO HAVE AGREED to give written references.